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> CompLeMentor™ for Workers' Compensation Law Firms
CompLeMentor™ is a case management and document assembly software program tailored to law offices specializing in the area of Workers Compensation for the Plaintiff and Defense. Our database software has become the most popular of its kind for New York State law offices. Law firms in other states are now starting to enjoy its benefits as well. And the software is easily customized to benefit other areas of practice, such as Personal Injury and Social Security Disability Benefits. In fact CompLeMentor already boasts a variety of Social Security features, forms and letters.

CompLeMentor streamlines and automates a variety of legal tasks and tracks cases from the initial interview to the day the case is closed. It assists the entire staff in a law office by easing their daily workload. The software is extremely user friendly, intuitive and was designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their computer background. It can be customized to meet your office's unique needs.

CompLeMentor is written in FileMaker™, the most popular database software sold in both the Windows™ and Macintosh™ markets. It offers an easy to use interface and rapid customization. We also have developed add-ons to greatly increase the features of this software. CompLeMentor is completely cross platform. That is, Windows and Macintosh computers can run the software.

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